Here is a list of common questions I encounter, and my take on those questions
1. How do you find these 'amazing' places to photograph?
- I am always looking for inspiration, even when I am not shooting. AS you may have noticed, I don't shoot the most unique locations in the world. I work a full time job, and scouting for unique places is not always possible. I get around this by thoroughly researching the place I am VISITING. I look at the work of fellow landscapes artists who are local to the area and use google earth to figure out new locations & trails to shoot from. Here is a great article on how to scout virtually.

2. I want to get started in landscape photography. What gear should I buy?
- You don't need any gear to start landscape photography. Start with what you have and then once you feel like you are being held back by the limitations of your gear, think about upgrading. I have seen TOO many cases where people buy new gear first and then start shooting. THe enthusiasm dies in a few months and now you have wasted a bunch of money.
once you have figured out that landscape photography is what you want to do, the first thing I would recommend is getting an ultrawide lens (i.e. something wider that 18mm on a Full Frame sensor equivalent). Second lens would be a medium zoom (24-70 equivalent, and you don't need F2.8 unless you plan to shoot at night). ANd the final lens would be a telephoto (I prefer the Tamron 150-500).
And a Tripod, don't forget a sturdy tripod.
3. How are you travelling all the time?
I am not. However, I do try to get out at least locally whenever the weather is looking good. And when I am not travelling, i AM planning and saving up for my FUture travels.
5. WHere are you from? (Where are you "Really" from?)
I was born and brought up in a small Coastal town called Tarapur in Maharashtra, India. It is surrounded by Sahyadri mountains on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other.  The part of india is entirely transformed every year in monsoon (tropical rainy season) with semi-arid landscape giving wey lush greenery and waterfalls. Seeing this transformation happen year over year had a profound effect on me. 
5 How old are you and How long have you been shooting?
I am 29. My parents and friends helped me get my first camera at the age of 21 (it was still quite expensive in India and I was just a broke college kid). I started out in street, portraiture and conceptual fine-art photography and did it for a couple of years. Only after I moved to the bay area, I got into landscape photography (around mid-2017) and I have been trying to get better since. 

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