Tanmay Sapkal

Tanmay is a self-taught fine art landscape photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He works as a hardware designer for Apple and enjoys exploring the landscapes of the western United States in his spare time.
Tanmay was born and raised in Mumbai, India, and has lived in the United States for the past decade. He first became interested in photography while traveling with his parents to remote parts of India and started out in street and conceptual photography before transitioning to landscape photography due to his love of the wilderness. 
Tanmay's work has been recognized and published internationally, and he is dedicated to using his platform to raise awareness about environmental and social justice issues. He has participated in several exhibitions and projects focused on these themes and is actively involved in his local community. When asked about his motivations as an artist, Tanmay says: "I hope that through my work, I can inspire others to appreciate and protect the beauty of the world around us. My photography is a way for me to bring attention to important issues and encourage positive change." 
An in-depth interview with American Photography discussing his background and philosophy can be found here.
Artist Statement
As an artist, my objective is to capture the essence of a landscape and convey the emotive experience of being immersed within it. I strive to infuse my work with a touch of my own creative flair, inviting the viewer to get lost in the wonder of the scene before them. 
It is my hope that when someone encounters one of my pieces, they will feel a sense of curiosity and marvel, as if they are being transported to a new and wondrous place.

- 'Eyes over the world ' by Rizzoli Publication
- Multiple works awarded and Published on 1x.com ​​​​​​​

Equipment Partners
- Tamron USA                       - SUNWAYFOTO TRIPOD and Accessories                    - HAIDA FILTERS
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