Sunwayfoto T1C40T-T1 Product Review
sunwayfoto's T1 Tripod bundle comes with T1C40T Carbon Fiber legs + FB36II Ballhead.  things included in the box:
1. T1C40T Carbon Fiber legs
2. FB36II Ballhead
3. short carbon fiber stem to reduce the height of the tripod when folded to lowest position
4. Tripod legs covers/Cushions (3) which are especially useful in colder climates
5. Carrying case
6. Tools to take apart the tripod + a set of microfiber cloths
First Impressions:
The PRESEntation and packaging exceeded my expectations. Every part and accessories came neatly packaged with their own storage boxes/pouches , excellent touch in my opinion! 
In the field: 
As much as I love my full-size tripod for its heft and stability, it proves to be too heavy and cumbersome for long hikes and walking around the city. Since my trip to japan where i had to walk 12-15 miles a DAy, with my entire camera kit, i was desperately looking for a tripod that was small and lightweight, but wouldn't compromise on stability. And after some search, Sunwayfoto's T1C40T-T1 looked like a good fit for my needs. 
The Tripods legs are only a few inches shorter than the T2C40T (full-size) legs and are about 2/3rds the weight. And after taking into consideration the small ball-head, the overall bundle weighs around 1/2 that of the full size of the tripod. I was just amazed with how lightweight yet sturdy this tripod was. That's a complete win in my books! I almost immediately donated my previous oben travel tripod to a friend and made this my goto choice for travel.
I found the tripod to sufficiently stable for mirrorless setups even in windy situations. I put the tripod through its paces by dunking it into the pacific while shooting a seascape and it handled the situation like a champ! I was able to do 20s exposures with perfect sharpness even as the waves were pounding the legs. I was even able to do 30s exposures at 200mm from a mountain peak in 20MPH winds with reasonable sharpness. I am slowly starting to consider making this my primary tripod and taking out the full-size one only in the harshest of conditions! 
Coming to negatives, I honestly have none!
Pros & CoNS:
1. Lightweight. with the ballhead attached, it weighs almost half as much as a full-size tripod.
2. Great build quality. All metal and carbon (8-layer carbon fiber) construction and I suspect it can easily support much more than the 6kg it's specs suggest.
3. Quality quick release twist knobs. They feel so much better than the other tripods I have used in the past, on par with gitzo/high-end benro counterparts.
4. Can get very low (almost flat) to the ground with the short central column (provided with the tripod).

none, really.
T1C40T-T1 is an ideal combination of lightweight and sturdy. This make it an almost perfect choice mirrorless shooters who don't regularly need to shoot in the harshest of conditions. I would recommend this tripod to everyone who's are looking for a compact, lightweight & sturdy tripod in the mid to high-end range.

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