Sunwayfoto T2C40C-T2 Product Review
sunwayfoto's T2 Tripod bundle comes with T2C40C Carbon Fiber legs + XB44 Ballhead.  These are the things included in the box:
1. T2C40C Carbon Fiber legs
2. XB44 Ballhead
3. short carbon fiber stem to reduce the height of the tripod when folded to lowest position
4. Tripod legs covers/Cushions (3) which are especially useful in colder climates
5. Tools to take apart the tripod + a set of microfiber cloths
6. carrying cover 
First Impressions:
The packaging and presentation exceeded my expectations (see pictures). I appreciated the stellar quality control and attention to detail. all the additional accessories came neatly packaged with their own storage pouches , a great touch in my opinion. Felt well worth the price and more.
In the field: 
I began using T2C40C as my primary tripod in June 2019 . it's a full sized tripod, similar in size to the Gitzo Safari LINE, and despite this, I was surprised to find out that it weighs exactly as much as my older oben TRAVEL tripod while being able to support much heavier gear without flexing. In terms of length, it is a bit longer (1.5") when folded down to its smallest size and is 1" smaller when fully extended. Note: despite being longer than my previous travel tripods, the T2C40C still fits just fine with my cabin luggage (F-stop Loka UL).
I found the tripod to incredibly stable even in windy situations. To give you an idea, I was able to shoot 150s exposures @30mm with great sharpness is a mildly windy setting (Moulton Barn in front of the tetons). in another instance, i shot 2s exposure @300mm in highly windy situation for my San Francisco skyline panorama and got exceptionally sharp photos. The stability is what sold me on this tripod. it felt like the perfect tradeoff between size, weight, cost and stability. 
One thing that I had a bit of trouble with initially, was the fact that the knob on the ballhead managed to jam on me a couple if times in cold weather (I checked with Sunway, and the grease used is rated to be used in -40c temperatures). And it was really quite difficult to get it to work with gloves on and my hands already numb. However, the problem resolved itself after a couple of tries and hasn't resurfaced since.
Pros & CoNS:
1. Lightweight. Even with the ballhead attached, this thing weighs as much as my smaller, much less sturdy Oben and Slik tripods.
2. Great build quality at the price. All metal and carbon (8-layer carbon fiber) construction and I believe it can easily support much more than the 12kg it's specs suggest.
3. Quality quick release twist knobs. They feel so much better than the other tripods I have used in the past, on par with gitzo/high-end benro counterparts.
4. Can get very low (almost flat) to the ground with the short central column (provided with the tripod).

1. Fully extended height could have been more.
I would recommend this tripod if you are looking high-end sturdy, lightweight tripod in the sub $600 range. It punches well above it weight while still being affordable. I spent quite some time contemplating what tripod to get, and finally settled on this. I wanted a high-end tripod but couldn't make up my mind about spending $1000+ on a tripod that would have been too large to call a 'travel' tripod. The T2C40C has become my primary tripod over past the four months and i see myself using it for years to come.

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