Haida M10 Filter SYSTEM
What's in the BOX:
- carrying cover
- Stepper rings 
First Impressions:
I have been using HAIDA filters ever since I began shooting landscapes in 2016. packaging and presentation for m10 Filter system matched my high expectations. I especially loved the Hard carrying case that comes with a carabiner ATTACHMENT and can be easily hooked on my backpack or waist for easy access. build quality was second to none and I like the flexibility of using both drop-in filters as well as STANDARD 100mm filters. 
Having recently purchased filters from another manufacturer to give them a try, I realized that haida does provide that extra bit of quality  when it comes to presentation and packaging of their products. 
In the field: 
In 2020, i made a switch from my Nikon Camera system to Sony for various reasons. After the switch, I needed a filter system that would work with my new lenses, with image quality, size and weight being my top criteria. I began searching for new technologies in the field of lens filters and stumbled upon magnetic filter systems that were fairly new in the market. After watching a couple of reviews online, I figured it was definitely worth a try. AFter purchasing a set of filters from KASE and taking it to the sierras with me, I realized that I i could not change or operate these filters with sufficient DEXTERITY with my gloves on. I struggled more than I would like with the filters and decided that they just didn't work for me. And as for the image quality, I noticed a magenta cast in my images which Is something you don't expect from new high end filters. That was the final nail in the coffin and I knew I had to find an alternative. 
after learning my lesson, I decided to go with a brand and design I was familiar with. AFter some research, I concluded that Haida's m10 filter system would be perfect for the job and would work with all of my new tamron lenses with the same adaptor ring! I IMMEDIATELY put the filters to test during my trips to Eastern Sierras and Yosemite valley, and they PERFORMED flawlessly, even better than what I had experienced in the past with my old Haida filter systems. 
The m10 filters system was easy to put on your lens, even with your gloves on. m10's Drop in CIRCULAR polarizer makes it a lot easier to adjust the POLARIZATION when compared to screw on polarizers because of the fine adjustment you get from the geared wheel. Both the 6-stop and 10-stop filters (standard 100mm filter) show excellent build and have little to no color cast. nano multi coating on both sides not only prevents water build-up but also helps prevent ghosting and flare. For e.g. I was able to use a blower to remove the water from the filter instead of needing a cloth. 
Pros & CoNS:
1. Well built and LIGHTWEIGHT because of ALuminium construction
2. Easy to handle and install, even with gloves on
3. Supports a wide range of filter thread sizes
4. Supports both Square (100mm) and Round Drop in Filters 
5. Excellent image quality with no DISCERNABLE color cast

1. I wish the included hard-case was just a little bit bigger to ACCOMMODATE a couple of more filters. Haida does make a couple of larger holders for it, so I might just hAVE TO get those. 
2. Price is bit on the higher side. But I feel that the build quality justifies the premium. 
If you are a landscape photographer looking for a quality set of filters as a long term investment and are not set on getting magnetic filters, I believe the M10 filter system is a great choice. excellent build quality means they would last a while and FLEXIBLE filter thread size would GUARANTEE future proofing. 
If you do want to experiment with new magnetic filters, there are options available like Haida's Magnetic NanoPro  series. I haven't tried them yet, but definitely plan on doing so soon.
Image Samples:
15s long exposure shot with 6-stop drop in ND Filter

Daytime long exposure shot with 6-stop drop in ND Filter (EXIF: 15s, F16, ISO100, 35mm + Panorama)

Control the haze in the valley using the Circular polarizer (EXIF: 1/250s, F11, ISO100, 30mm + Exposure blend for high Dynamic Range)

Capture motion in the clouds and dynamic events like lightning strikes using long exposure (EXIF: 20s, F11, ISO100, 100mm + Panorama)

Product Shots:
Filter holder with 2 drop-in filters and a standard 100mm square filter.
Filter holder with 2 drop-in filters and a standard 100mm square filter.
Hard carrying case.
Hard carrying case.
In the field, on Sony A7riii and Tamron 70-180mm f2.8
In the field, on Sony A7riii and Tamron 70-180mm f2.8
In the field, on Sony A7iii and Tamron 28-75mm f2.8.
In the field, on Sony A7iii and Tamron 28-75mm f2.8.

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