Tanmay Sapkal

Tanmay is a self taught Fine ART landscape photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He works as a hardware designer for Apple, and spends most of his free time exploring the LANDSCAPE of WESTERN UNITED STATES and Beyond. He was born and raised near Mumbai, India, and has lived in the United States for a good part of the last decade.
His first foray into photography was through traveling with his parents to remote corners of India. He started out in street and fine-art Conceptual photography at the age of 21, and This interest then naturally culminated into landscape Photography because of his love for the wilderness.
Artist Statement
My goal is to imprint my vision and experience of the photographing the landscape into my work, rather than just documenting the scene that's in front of me. Through my photographs I hope to evoke the same feelings in my audience that I experience in the wild while making these images. It takes months of planning and years of practice to make some of these scenes a reality, and I hope you can enjoy them as much as I do.

- Contributed to 'Eyes over the world ' by Rizzoli Publication
- Contributed to 'Drone Futures : UAS in Landscape and urban Design' By CRC PRESS, UK
-  Interview in SUMMER 2019 Issue of Tamron's US and European Magazine
- Multiple works Published and awarded on 1x.com 

- National Geographic Yourshot Editor's spotlight - Summer 2019
- 2nd Prize Winner - HAIDA's SUMMER 2021 Landscape Photography Competition Finalist
- 2nd Prize in Fine Art Landscapes Category, International PHotography Awards 2021
- 2 Images in Top 50 for 2021 EPSON PANO AWARDS
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